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    Social Hiring

    Run powerful campaigns to identify, cultivate, and nurture relationships with your candidates
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    Accelerated Hiring

    Accelerate your hiring using TalentCube's Sourcing and Evaluation Tools
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    Simplified Hiring

    Eliminate upto 50% of the grunt work that is typically involved with traditional recruiting
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    Delightful Experience

    Dramatically improve candidate experience and build long lasting relationships

The First Fully Integrated Talent Acquisition Platform

TalentCube is a fully integrated end to end talent platform. Use our powerful sourcing, testing, referral and candidate management platform.

Source Faster

Dramatically reduce your sourcing times though our inbound campaign platform and single click profile downloads

Source Better

Our integrated testing platform allows you to send 'no touch' automated evaluations to quickly filter out candidates

Simplify Hiring

Our full feature 'Candidate Tracking System' manages all your talent acquisition activity in one place.

Build Relationships

Build and nurture long standing relationships with candidates with our social hiring features

Automate Pre-Screening

Dramatically reduce your pre-screening time by automating the process and quickly identifying relevant candidates

Automate Follow-ups

Ensure you never miss a follow up or an appointment again using our integrated task manager.

Skills Evaluation

Automate and quickly evaluate candidate skills using our powerful Skills & Personality Assessment Platform

Cloud & Mobile

No software to install, fully secure cloud platform. Full feature mobile app to manage your hiring process on the go.

Deep Insights

Quickly discover patterns and make decisions on how to adjust your recruiting campaigns though our analytics platform

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TalentCube Services

Supercharge your Talent Management with TalentCube's Services which combines Technology + Data + People

Talent Strategy

We will help you develop game changing 'People & Talent Strategy'' and build high performing teams.

Hiring as a Service

From permanent hires to contingent workforce, our full suite of hiring services help augment and execute your talent strategy.

Recruiting Campaigns

We help you build robust inbound recruiting campaigns to generate candidate leads and nuture them

Team Building

We help diagnose dysfunctional teams and help reform and rebuild teams to improve productivity and happiness at your workplace

Meet our Team

We are a team of technologists and leaders with a passion to make every workplace happy and productive

Kim Patrick

Co-founder, CEO

Nikesh Mehata


Jayant Mhetar

Co-Founder, Technical Advisor

Anand Krishnan

Co-founder, Coach & Board Member

Peter Singer

Advisory Board Member

Sudarshan Iyer

Sales & Customer Development Leader

Arundhati Datar

Talent & HR

Rohit Bhat

Sales Development

Mahesh Gudgila

Software Engineer

Pravin Shinde

Software Engineer

Soniya Pandey

Talent Acquisition

Pratik Mundada

Software Engineer

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